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Q: Which areas do you cover?

A: We are based in the Midlands however we do cover a large area so all enquiries are welcome!

Q: Do you give free advice?

A: We do give free advice up to a radius of 30 miles from Swadlincote as unfortunately the cost of fuel is very high, if it is further than this we charge a small fee to cover the fuel and this is refundable if you decide to go ahead with the plans.

Q: What stages are involved in getting my project approved?

A: There are 4 main steps involved and they are as follows:

1) The design Brief / Survey stage: At this stage we would run through the project with yourself and make sure that we are aware of what you would like to achieve and guide you as best as we can. The next step would be to complete a survey of the site/dwelling ready for the drawings to be completed.

2) The Drawing and consultation stage: At this stage the detailed drawings are completed and we liaise with yourselves very closely altering the design until they meet your approval and thus are ready for the submission stage.

3) Planning Submission: At this stage we would submit the plans into the Local Authority to seek Planning Approval and liaise with them throughout to make sure the application gets Approved.

4) Building Control Submission: At this stage we would submit the plans to the Local Authorities Building Control Department to make sure that the plans comply with the current Regulations and see if there are any public sewers within the locality.

Q: What Fee's do i have to pay the the Local Council ?

A: There are 3 fee's that you pay direct to your Local Authority and they all depend on the size of the project. The 3 fees are as follows:

1) Planning Fee: This is the fee for the local Authority to look at the submitted plans and approve the Design.
2) Building Control plan Fee: This is the fee that is required for the local Authority to approve the specification and make sure the design complies with the current Building Regulations.
3) Building Control Inspection Fee:This is the fee that the Council Invoices direct for the stage inspections during the construction work, once the work is complete they then issues the completion certificate.

Q: What Fees do you charge to complete the plans?

A: Every project is different but for a rough price guide please see our price guide page.

Q: Are there any other fees involved?

A: There are 3 more fees that may be required and they are; fees for a Structural Engineer if steelwork is required within the design and also a standard £35.00 fee for an Ordinance Survey Map showing the site boundaries for a Planning Application. The final fee that will be necessary if you are completing a new build is for the completion of a Design and Access Statement.

Q: Do You fill out the Application forms and submit the application to the Local Authority?

A: Yes, we submit your applications to your Local Authority and act as your agent until the approval's arrive.

Q: How long will it take you to draw the plans?

A: From the survey date to the Planning Application stage will usually take 2-3 weeks.

Q: How long does it take the Local Council to Approve the plans?

A: For the Planning Permission stage it usually takes 8 weeks and this is also the case for the Building Control stage. However if it is a fairly simple project then both can be submitted together for a total time of 8 weeks rather than the 16 week period if submitted separately.

Q: Can a Public Sewer on my site be problematic?

A: Yes, is the simple answer to this one. Unfortunately unless the client lets us know that there is a Public Sewer on site then we have no way of knowing until its is flagged up in the Building Control Stage of the Application. A Public Sewer will not be picked up in the Planning Stages, this means that your project could gain Planning Permission and then get refused in the Building Control because of the location and size of the public sewer. If a Public sewer is found on your site then you have to obtain a building over agreement from the local water board, this is not usually a major problem however it means extra cost and if the sewer has a large diameter and is in close proximity to the building then you may not be able to build over it at all.

Q: Will i need Planning Permission for my extension?

A: Since the Planning Permission Rules were relaxed on October 1st 2008, many single storey extensions now don't require Planning Permission. However plans are still required for the project as you still have to gain Building Control approval, your builder will also need plans to quote from and to build to (please click the icon below and follow the interactive guide to see if you will require Planning Permission)

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